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The Family Dog’s WHOLE NEW take on bite prevention. Keeping kids safe and making dogs’ lives better too!

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Do You Know These Canine Superheroes?

Ace the Bat-Hound If you caught the movies but never read the comic books, you might have missed Batman’s dog, Ace, a clever canine investigator and sidekick of the Caped Crusader. Krypto Superman also had a furry best friend, a nondescript, white dog from the planet Krypton. Like Superman, Krypto had supernormal abilities and senses. His alter ego was the Kent family dog, Skip. K-9 Fans of UK sci-fi series Dr Who will be familiar with K-9, his robot dog companion. He packed a laser-gun nose, serious computing power, and encyclopaedic knowledge. Dynomutt Another robot sidekick, this one of Blue

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4 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Healthy

As the Agnes Sligh Turnbull quote reminds us, dogs’ only fault is that their lives are too short. Here are four tips for increasing your dog’s odds at longevity: 1. Feed Him Well Nothing beats premium fuel in the engine for supporting strong health; feed your dog the best quality food you can afford. 2. Keep Him Slim Overweight increases your dog’s risk of developing a myriad of health issues from diabetes to heart disease. 3. See the Doctor Even when your dog is healthy, schedule regular checkups with your vet for disease prevention and early detection. 4. Mind His

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