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Puppy Life Skills & Socialization Class

Next Class Starts Fall 2022

Puppies need to be 6 months or younger as of starting date to join class.
WE ONLY REQUIRE PROOF OF ONE ROUND OF VACCINATIONS BECAUSE SOCIALIZATION IS SO IMPORTANT. Read this article to discover why. Please send any questions to Stephanie Meeks.

Salem, Oregon Puppy Socialization & Life Skills

What kind of life do you want with your dog?

Do you want to prepare your puppy for an awesome life with you? Did you get a puppy during COVID and didn’t feel like you could socialize them properly? Do you truly know what proper puppy socialization is? Is your puppy 8 months or younger? It’s not too late to give them some great life skill training so you two can enjoy a long happy life together!

Check it out! Lola (trainer at Lucky Leash) and dog trainer, Stephanie Meeks are teaming up to teach an important class.

Puppies will learn:

  • how to be “ok” around other humans,
  • how to appropriately greet and socialize with other dogs
  • how to overcome fear to build confidence in new environments, with novel items, and sights
  • how to have their body handled

Owners will learn:

  • how to be aware and read their dog’s body language
  • advocate for their dog
  • how to teach their dog think through shaping
  • the importance of leash pressure
  • show what you learn for puppy graduation 🎓

Supplies you will need:

  • a flat collar OR harness preferably a harness that allows free range of motion for the dog’s front legs
  • 6-foot leash
    • no retractable leashes
  • mat – something big enough for your dog to fit on, soft and comfy on top, and non-slip on the bottom – like a bath mat. You might like it if it can roll up!
  • a stuffed kong for downtime
  • a crate for small and medium dogs, if you have crate trained
  • Perhaps a blanket to cover the crate
  • Proof of the first vaccine
  • poop bags 💩
  • high-value treats
    • Every dog has different things they go CRAZY for!

Suggested Items:

  • Doggie Body Language by Lili Chin
  • Dog Decoder App
Lucky Leash Salem | Dog Training Class

Dogs will have one-on-one playtime with size and personality matches first, and we will slowly work on introducing other and multiple dogs.

Class make-up will be determined upon registration. 

Classes will last from 1 hour to 90 minutes depending on puppy stamina!

Please only one person per puppy in this class! We will try to video for you and other family members to watch later.

Masks are optional and personal preference. We will distance as much as possible! Weather permitting there will be outdoors opportunities.

Classes are held at Lucky Leash Training Center
     4192 Chandy Way S, Salem, OR 97302

  • starts Fall 2022
  • Minimum of 3 similarly sized dogs enrolled to create class
  • 8 weeks in a row
  • 1st week – HUMANS ONLY
  • Mostly alternating weeks on zoom & in person. 

We will review all dogs’ enrollment info and send confirmation of class enrollment.
Price: $175 per puppy 

Lola Carey - Certified Dog Trainer

Dr Susan Friedman's professional course Living & Learning with Animals: The Fundamental Principles and Procedures of Teaching and Learning
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Lola Carey, CPDT-KA, KPA
Certified Dog Trainer

Certified Dog Trainer
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