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Meet and Greet Session

This is 2-hour introductory session to explore training options for your dog, both foundation behaviors and behavior modification protocols.

I will come to your home for the Meet & Greet. This will give us a chance to observe your dog’s interactions with a stranger, your dog’s daily environment, skills that your dog knows, and things that upset or frighten your dog. Please allot 1-1/2 to 2 hours for this session. 

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Dog Training - Socialize a fearful, aggressive or reactive dog - Dog Training
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4 for 3 Package - Returning Clients

You must have completed the Meet and Greet Session Prior to signing up for this package. Check with trainer to determine your dog’s eligibility if unsure.

This is a “buy 3, get 4th session free” package of 4-one hour sessions at location based on your dog’s individual needs.

All sessions must be completed within 3 months (90 days) of purchase. You may purchase more than one package at a time.

Due to natural risks in working with a live species, there are no refunds on private training or classes.

Single session - Returning Clients

For returning clients who have completed Meet and Greet Session. This session will increase your and your dog’s skills and experience with the foundations and behavior modification protocols. This single session will not “fix” your dog. There are no guarantees in dog behavior. But if you do nothing, you will get nothing; isn’t your dog worth more than that?

Single Dog Training Session

Dog-Human Aggression

Single Session – Returning Clients

For dogs who have shown bite behavior to humans. Acceptance based on Meet and Greet as first step. This is a one-hour session at agreed upon location. Please follow all instructions as safety of all is our top priority.

Dog-Human Aggression 4/3 Session Package

Multi-session savings in this buy 2, get 4th session free package.

You must have completed a Meet and Greet AND one Dog-to-Human Aggression single session OR have approval of instructor to qualify for this package.

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